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Cannabis Therapeutics Marijuana Education


Cannabis Therapeutics Marijuana Education and Dispensary Safety Guide (Colorado)

Cannabis Therapeutics:

Marijuana Education (PDF):



Designed as an in-depth guide to medical marijuana in Colorado, this presentation examines legal, safety, scientific, personal, and societal consequences of the drugâs use as medicine with an intended audience comprised of both the law enforcement and patient communities.

The purpose of this booklet is four-fold:

1. To educate the law enforcement community about the legality of medical marijuana in Colorado.

2. To offer proper safety guidelines for the protection of both the patients and the community as dispensaries and cooperatives develop.

3. Give a brief background in science, focusing on harmful side effects medical validity, and proper usage guidelines.

4. To open a line of friendly communication between representatives of both the medical marijuana and law enforcement communities.

Legal Questions:

Attorney Warren Edson, 303-831-8188
Attorney Brian Vicente, 720-890-4247

Medical/ Scientific Questions:

Robert Melamede, PHD, 719-262-3135
Matthew Schnur, Researcher, 719-439-0817

All questions and inquiries may be sent to:

Cannabis Therapeutics, LLC is the largest medical marijuana resources facility to proudly serve patients of the state of Colorado. Working with local law enforcement, state officials, legal experts, medical physicians, and researchers, Cannabis Therapeutics sets a standard of both safety and consistent quality to its members as well as the community at large.

The Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry:

Legal Documents / Resources:

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